Immigration and the Democratic Party


The Democrat party platform supports mass immigration. That includes providing mass amnesty for the 11-18 million people in our country illegally.  In addition it seeks to speed-up family-based visas, expanding asylum systems, and raising significantly the number of refugee admissions.  Currently, the United States accepts over one million immigrants per year.

This at a time when significant numbers of people are out-of-work, especially those in the lower paying service sector. 

There is no mention of immigration enforcement, implementing e-verify, or preventing visa over-stays.

When Democrat candidates were asked in the debates if they were willing to provide free health care for people in our country illegally, all raised their hands. It is hard to believe any party would be willing to tax its citizens to provide free health care to illegal aliens. Not specifically stated, but basically a recipe for open borders.


Omaha, Neb.

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