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Regarding Pam Bogue's letter to the editor on June 24th: All I can say is thank God for the Storm Lake Times and the dedicated reporters who work to keep the public informed as best they can, especially when hospitals, public health departments and corporations in this area not only refuse to respond directly to the press, but rather try their best to obscure and scrub down the facts about what's really going on in our community during this pandemic. The paper and it's reporters aren't trying to "stir up" controversy. Their job is to seek facts and keep the public informed.

I also take pause when someone — anyone, plays the 'not our values' card. This is a gauzy way of indicating to others that if you don't believe and behave as I do, you are somehow less. The Storm Lake Times has championed Midwestern values in countless articles and opinion pieces throughout the years. I have sent numerous copies of articles published by The Times to friends and family across the country during the 14 years I've lived here. The same friends who asked me all those years ago, "Why on earth are you moving to Storm Lake, Iowa?" — now, might ask, during a discussion of social issues or current events, "Well what does Art have to say about it?" 

Caring physicians and other medical professionals' posts containing vital information and concerns were quickly removed from Facebook. This, while the Public Health Department chose to tow the corporate line. I have always believed Midwestern values include doing the right thing, even at the risk of censure.

I've spoken to so many folks in Storm Lake who express a desire to get more facts about what's happening in our community. If the powers that be had their way, we wouldn't have the scant knowledge we do. I am grateful to reporters and agencies like the FOIA. I believe there are a great number of Storm Lake residents who are weary of being kept in the dark with regard to COVID-19.  I know I am.


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