Fellow citizens


Over the past several years as a retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer, W-4, with over 32 years service (including 11 months and 19 days with the Seabees in I Corps in Vietnam) I’ve been disheartened with the flag-burning, kneeling during the National Anthem and brutality towards others. But, then, it recently occurred to me, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the United States was actually great where everyone felt included, appreciated and proud to be an American and stood (those who could) with pride when the National Anthem was played or the Flag passed by.

Lately, I have not been real proud. I have been listening to the protestors though... and am finally beginning to understand their frustrations. Instead of many of us being so very angry with people who are not like us or do not think the same way, why don’t we listen with empathy and discuss with reason. 


CWO4, USN-Retired

Sac City




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