Be humble


Don’t be proud, be humble. We are all wicked criminals, we must choose our way out of it. Police reform is needed, but that is true for all people. We all have to choose to reform ourselves each day. We all have to “be saved” not just once, but every day we must choose to follow God, to follow the good, the good choices toward wellness. Crime is a mental health problem. Greed, for example, which causes so much suffering, is a form of mental illness.

Volunteer poverty with the right attitude leads to the most happiness. A mild, non-Marxist Socialism is helpful, preserving personal poverty, but let us remember what Mother Teresa said, that we owe so much to the poor. We need the choices to be voluntary, to sell our property and give alms like Jesus commanded. We need Givers and we need the poor to take. It is the giving and taking that drives the Spiritual engine which benefits all. The government should help, but we need the voluntary choice of charity to help us become more like God, more like our true selves. The Givers always profit more. It really is better to give than receive.

If you don’t believe me about how happy you become in voluntary poverty, try it, you’ll like it. Don’t be so afraid.

Let us also correct people who  make and do racist remarks and actions. Let us be silent no longer and GENTLY strive against racism which we hope to eradicate.


Storm Lake

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