Taylor for Congress


An 18-year Congressman should have our 4th District in a position of strength in Washington, D.C. Instead, Congressman Steve King has frittered that strength away through a stream of questionable and inadvisable comments and antics. It’s not the NY Times fault, as he asserts. That was the final straw in a heap of reckless commentary. Now, as our farmers face huge challenges, we have no voice on the Ag Committee. Congressman King’s claims of a deal for reinstatement were swatted down by those who actually make that call. He should be in line for the Ag Chairmanship — that would be true representation. But he’s not even on the Committee.

The Republican “establishment” is lined up behind “challenger” Randy Feenstra. This guy’s gotten lots of mileage out of being the first challenger in the race. Early anti-King money flooded his way. He’s popular in Des Moines money circles. Does that make him the right choice for our 4th District? Check out his performances on WHO’s Simon Conway, KDSN (Denison), KICD (Spencer) and KGLO (Mason City). He can’t speak for himself; how can he speak for us? He’s never been electorally challenged before, and his ratings as a “conservative” are unimpressive.

Jeremy Taylor has the credentials we need for a Congressman. Active National Guard Major and Chaplain, energy analyst, business owner, Iowa House member, board of supervisors in the District’s biggest county. Immigration? Jeremy’s wife Kim, whom he met while on mission in Vietnam, legally emigrated from Vietnam nearly two decades ago and is the mother of their six children. Jeremy’s debate performances demonstrate his exceptional skills, breadth of knowledge, and vision. Compare his appearances to Feenstra’s. Do your due diligence; research the candidates. I have, and I am proud to vote for Jeremy Taylor for Congress in Iowa’s Fourth District.



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