Spiny pangolin likely source of new coronavirus


Scientists suspect the weird Chinese penchant for food oddities (pangolins) has opened this pandora’s box and “jumped” the species barrier for the “Wuhan” virus — 99% genetic match — the death toll now stands at 724 and climbing-34,000 confirmed cases total.

This makes perfect sense, also. The pangolin’s typical body temperature is around 94 degrees F.  The theory is that viruses thrive in cooler temperatures — then, as global temps rise, they evolve higher survivability to jump from cooler “hosts” to us.  

This also tracks what C. Auris (an emerging fatal fungus infection ravaging hospitals now) did between 2012-2015. This fungus emerged independantly in S Asia, Africa and Venezuela.

Scientists say with each heat wave we are evolving new forms of bugs with heat-resistance.  Just another consequence of disregarding the effects of increased fossil fuel emissions (CO2) that ultimately will kill the planet (and us with it). Democrats and Republican naysayers to boot.


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