Why use public dollars for corporations?


In case you forgot what happened to our public money in 2016:

The Iowa Economic Development Authority gave $24.3 million of our money in “incentives” to the Prestage slaughterhouse in Eagle Grove. Yes, $24.3 million, to an already profitable LLC. Keep in mind, industrial agriculture claims to be a $112 billion industry.

Why are we using our public dollars to prop them up? That $24.3 million could have easily been used for public education, rural hospitals or our crumbling infrastructure.

Public money must be used for public good, not to pad the pockets of corporations who have enough capital to pay for their plants themselves. We’ve had enough of corporations and the factory farm industry robbing our public coffers.

A review for Prestage began in August 2019. IED Director Debi Durham has a responsibility to meet with CCI members who are concerned about holding corporate ag accountable. And our state legislature has an oversight duty as well. Join us for the January 23 Stop Factory Farms lobby at the state capitol. RSVP by calling Iowa CCI at 515-282-0484.




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