The incubation period for Iran’s revenge is about done


Trump’s decision to assassinate Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani was impulsive if not outright dumb. All he's done is emboldened the Iranian hardliners and incapacitated any “moderates” there.

And Iraq? They are mostly Shiites (aligned with Iran) and they want us gone for good. Just another vision of ugly Americans now bent on destruction and mayhem.

Obviously, Trump has made the region more volatile — let's see, no nuclear deal so Iran is making nukes again (bad plan). No consensus with any European ally (bad plan). Trump has pissed off our Nato allies (any allies left?) and screwed up with his Ukrainian finagling (only a reelection gambit gone wrong).  Oh yeah, I forgot for a moment — the Soleimani “hit” was a “wag the dog” to deflect from his Ukrainian Impeachment trial.

Geeze, the only strong “block” of support he has are Evangelical Christians now cheering like cheerleaders about an execution? What would Jesus say there? I wonder just how far we, as a Christian nation, have fallen from grace. God help us to come to our senses.


Storm Lake

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