What’s on TV tonight? The Times will tell you



Thanks for all your responses to our question about which channels you’d like to see in our new TV Times.

The network TV stations in Sioux City — NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and PBS — were mentioned by just about everyone. Cable channels that received the most votes were news channels CNN (the most watched), MSNBC and Fox News. The next most requested channels are Bravo, ESPN, Hallmark, History, Lifetime, Paramount, RFD, Syfy, TNT and USA. Other requested channels are A&E, AMC, CNBC, Disney, E!, FS1, FX, Fox Movies, HGTV, MTV, NFL, TBS, Turner Classic Movies, TLC, Travel, TV Land and WGN.

“Thank you for keeping the TV guide,” wrote one lady. Another wrote: “I was thrilled to read you reconsidered keeping the TV guide. I use it every day so I was devastated when I read you were no longer going to include it. Thank you for continuing it.”

Readers will remember three weeks ago we announced we were going to drop TV Times, the area’s only television listings, because of the high cost of producing it — nearly $20,000 per year. We didn’t figure anyone would miss it.

We were wrong. We heard from many of you loyal readers who have relied on our TV listings for the past 29 years. Even though online TV guides are available, many of you prefer printed listings on good old-fashioned easy-to-read paper. And many of you said you would be willing to pay more to keep the TV listings. If we had kept the TV Times as is, we would have had to raise the subscription price by $12 a year, and we can avoid that big price hike by trimming the section.

So we are keeping the listings, but in a redesigned format to save money. We currently pay to list nearly 80 channels, but we figured if no one was watching some of them, we could drop them, include the listings that people cared about and save enough money to continue printing TV Times.

The new format, which we will introduce in a couple of weeks, will do away with the tabloid pullout section and instead put the shorter grids on two pages in the regular paper. The look and information contained in the listings will be the same, but we’ll limit it to the 35 channels that you folks told us you watched and drop the 40 or so that no one seems to care about.

We’re trying our best to produce the newspaper you want. We always welcome your suggestions on how we can improve The Storm Lake Times. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year from Peach the Newshound and all of us here at The Times!

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