Joe Biden makes his mark in Storm Lake



Joe Biden probably doesn’t remember his first visit to Storm Lake, but we at The Times sure do.

It was 2007 and Biden, then a senator from Delaware, was running for the Democratic nomination for President, against two other senators, Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, that year Biden was holding a rally in the home of Buena Vista University professor Nadine Brewer, just a block south of The Times on Geneseo Street.

Brother Art, who was covering Biden’s visit, suggested he take the short stroll to Times Square and autograph our famous sign.

Biden obliged and the next thing I knew the affable politician was ambling into our office with a small entourage, greeting everyone in his wake. When he shook the hand of our strapping reporter Jake Kurtz, he said he wished Jake had been blocking for him when he played running back for the University of Delaware football team. And while he was here Biden signed The Sign of The Times.

Biden so impressed us that we endorsed him for the nomination in our Saturday issue. That made national news on all of the Sunday morning talk shows because we were the first Iowa newspaper to endorse someone for the caucuses.

Biden didn’t get the nomination — that went to Barack Obama — but Biden was chosen as Obama’s running mate and the team went on to serve eight years leading our nation out of a terrible near-depression and back to prosperity.

Biden resonates with so many voters because of his empathy with common folks. He’s a humble man from working class roots and it shows when he stops to talk with kids in the crowd. Not many politicians do that.

And he’s a gentleman.

Democrats have many excellent candidates for President from which to choose and Joe Biden is one of them.

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