The 4th Reich


We’ve seen this before, a maniacal narcissistic charismatic leader overtakes all checks and balances, proclaims himself “supreme leader”, jettisons all advisors who question his every (or any) whim or fiat, then wars against 1) the courts, 2) representatives of legislative bodies, 3) intelligence gatherers, 4) foreign services (diplomatic corps), 5) formerly aligned-friendly nations, and now the leaders of his own armed services (Navy, now)-6) oops-I almost forgot a free and independent press.  We are, therefore, in the midst of either a WW2 era Soviet (Stalin)-style “purge” of historic proportions, or otherwise a 3rd Reich (Hitler)-esque style “blitzkrieg” of takeover (or both?)

Trump clamours about the Ukrainians having orchestrated the “interference” in the 2016 election that brought the swastika back to power (white supremist nationalism-you bet), his with the “red caps”, Hitler with the “brown shirts”, after Mussalini popularized the genre with his own “black shirts” (each marked with zionistical fanatical zealotry against people “other” than the accepted stereotypical supporters of you-know-who).   But Putin-Russia’s “puppet-master” of Trump is the one that spoon-fed this Ukrainian “conspiracy-theory” to our vacuous clueless easily duped by the real arch-enemy to freedom’s hope.

Meanwhile, Rocketman (North Korea’s insular mad-man turned “Dexter’s Laboratory”-type nuclear fiend) toils away in some Hall of the Mountain King lair bent on foisting a nuke or two OUR-WAY, China’s Xi waits for the chance to upstage our military (Navy), right when Trump is purging ranks there, and our intelligence folks warn of impending strikes by Iran.

Thank God, of course, that Hitler himself “micromanaged” the Panzer tank-corps on D-Day (and failed to deploy until our boys had gained a toe-hold off the beaches at Normandy-whew).

Meanwhile, of course, we just narrowly missed Trump wanting to “NUKE” the hurricane that almost flattened Mar-a-Lago-(the one he falsely held claim that was going to waste Alabama)-oops, I forgot about him also railing against 7) mother nature.

So now, he has also lied to and about war heros, bereaved moms and dads of stricken warriors and his hapless supporters question the loyalty of decorated career service Purple Heart holders-like Lt. Col. Vindman, after Trump sullied the memory of beloved war hero Senator John McCain.  He has demeaned himself to fighting ghosts.

Let’s hope there are still some adults still in the war-room when the real threats have incoming launched our way, eh?


Storm Lake

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