Witter Gala — What a treat!


What a treat! We thoroughly enjoyed the recent Witter Gallery Gala! Our hats off to Witter Gallery and to Candy Clough for doing the legwork to pull it off! Here’s hoping this becomes an annual event. We hope they made some money. Our town has been much blessed with talented, creative people:

• The late Barb Kearney who penned the play The Purple Tutu – so great to have many Kearney family here for the performance.

• Bethany Larson who performed the Kearny play – You may remember that Bethany’s mother was born in Storm Lake – the daughter of deceased BVU professor George Reynolds.

• Sheri Davenport from the illustrious SLHS Class of 1968 (My high school class) who wrote the one act play Date Nite as well as the short film Swept Away.

• Cindy Cone who directed the play Date Nite performed by Mike Porsch, Di Daniels and Cindy Roth. And of course,

• Lee Thorson and Candy Clough with prelude music.

We so enjoyed the performance that we have sent a donation check to the Gallery to help underwrite the cost of the wine we enjoyed. What a great addition to the evening! I also understand that much of the scrumptious food was donated by local businesses and board members – I only wish I had anticipated the spread and not eaten before showing up!

I understand that some smaller minds in the community objected to having wine served and I am so thankful that the objection was overcome to allow it. Since the Gallery is housed in the municipal library, it is a quasi municipal gallery and always struggles to survive, hence the need for the fund-raising event. I was disappointed that no one from the city was in attendance (except the mayor) since all artistic endeavor enhances our quality of life and city hall needs to better understand that QUALITY OF LIFE is key in making a city a COMMUNITY - perhaps they were at the Bridge function that evening.


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