Trump is cancer on America


As I watch the evening national news, I see Kurdish civilians who have literally nothing but the clothes on their back, fleeing what little home they have as Turkish dictator, Recep Erdogan, has rained down airstrikes on these civilians.  And our President Trump gave him the green light to do it.

If you do not know it, the Kurds are an ethnic group that has stepped up vigorously, at the request of the United States, to wipe out ISIS strongholds in the Turkey-Syria border area. Don’t believe me on this. Listen to one of Mr. Trumps’ most vocal defenders, Lindsey Graham. He strongly disagrees with Trump on this, calling it the worst decision of Trump’s presidency.

What will it take for good people to recognize that Trump is a cancer on the good name of our country?

No one trusts the United States now. We have sold down the river people who joined the fight against ISIS at our request. Previously we have been the most admired, the most trusted, the most envied country in the world. Trump has changed that. We are not respected, we are not trusted and at least as a government, not admired.

First of all, Trump is an arrogant narcissist. There are ample videos where he has said, “I know more than the generals about ISIS.” “I know more about accounting than anyone in government.”

He is an obvious liar. He does not listen to intelligence briefings. He has said so. He may reap some short term popularity among some for his “America First” policy which cuts all of our relationships with other countries.

Trump is known to have substantial hotel holdings in Istanbul. Does anyone think he can be trusted when he talks to people like Putin, Erdogan, Kim and other dictators in private. It is pretty disgraceful that he talks about his “perfect” and “beautiful” conversations with these dictators while disrespecting all of the countries we aligned with in World War II.

It should be clear by now. Trump is an inept bumbling fool. He has rubbed the good name of the United States in the mud.

The question is when will any Republican go to Amazon and buy a soul or a spine to stand up to this guy.

Where are Grassley and Ernst? Painfully silent.


Storm Lake

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