California taxes


Knowing friends and family, and frequently visiting California, it has some of the highest taxes in the country.

The sales tax is 7.25%, and when combined with local sales taxes in the major and minor cities, can reach 10%.  The state average is 8.5%

The gasoline tax is 53 cents per gallon, the second highest in the country.  It does have nice roads, both rural and city.

The state income tax has the second highest rate in the country at 13.3%. You will pay 9.3% at an income of $108 K.  Fortunately for California, it has Silicon Valley, and major tech industries that have very well paid employees. They pay the bulk of the income taxes.  

In fact the top 1% generate 50% of the state income tax receipts. By contrast, those making $50 K or less, 60% of filings, generate 2% of income tax revenue.

The one tax that is lower in California, assessed at 1% of cash value,  is the property tax, the 16th lowest, because of Prop 13.

Capital gains, including long term, are given no tax break in California.

California is a gorgeous state, with the Pacific Ocean, it’s beaches, mountains, skiing, beautiful deserts like Death Valley, Yosemite; it, along Utah and Arizona are probably the most scenic in the nation.

If you want to move there, be prepared to spend at least $600 a square foot for housing in nice areas of any of the major cities.  Because of land restrictions and regulations, there is a housing shortage.

Be also aware that the homeless population and the accompanying filth, drug usage, etc. have really escalated in cities, especially LA and San Francisco.  It appears to be tolerated by city officials. 


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