Why Trump is flailing about the Alabama ‘Sharpiegate’ fiasco (it’s root deflection)


Trump chumped (wrongly) about Alabama getting hit by Hurricane Dorian, then when he was seen as totally off the mark he lunged back with an altered forecast map with his own, less that professional Sharpie line added (he might have criminally falsified governmental reports that way?)

So is his seeming over-perceveration on being “right” an addituonal sign of mental deterioration or what else could it be?  It could otherwise be a desperate attempt at a smokescreen to hide a perceived weakness and I explain:

Trump’s “emergency declaration” to build his Mexico border wall and diversionary shifting of $3.6 billion in military building budget funds there is now coming home to roost. He is robbing Peter to pay Paul, as they sometimes say.

$403 Million comes away from Puerto Rico and $257 million from Guam (no Republicans at risk in Congress both places-they don’t have representatives, you know). But $30 million is diverted from Arizona where republican Martha McSally is vulnerable in her Senate reelection in 2020. Cory Gardner, Republican from Colorado is also vulnerable and his state loses $8 million. Thom Thillis, republican from North Carolina loses $80 million. $32 Million was slated for a new school for military children at Ft. Bragg that his challenger is sure to brag about in 2020.

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky republican (Senate majority leader) is safe, but he is fuming about losing another $80 million for his state sent packing to that border wall.  These funds are called “pork barrel” money, you know, and representatives pride themselves on bringing home the bacon and he ain’t this time.

Meanwhile, Mexico just announced they have decreased the immigrant numbers showing up on our border door-stoop by 57% (reduced by over 1/2) so maybe the highly vaunted vanity wall project of Mr. Trump isn’t such an emergency after all?  Just a thought there.

In other words, Mr. Trump fidgeting with that Sharpie-doctored weather service map (that was obsolete before he even tweeted about Alabama, that he just won’t let go of even now) is a desperate attempt at damage control from having to pay the piper for the wall by ruining his republican control of the Senate. But whichever way you look at it, watching our President flail thusly is not very flattering.


Storm Lake

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