Dear immigrant communities


As members of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force (LEITF), we want to assure you and communities across the country that local law enforcement serves to keep everyone safe.

Following the tragic Aug. 3 shooting in El Paso, Texas, and raids the following week in Mississippi, we know that many immigrants in our communities are afraid. We are here to serve all communities.

Our primary job is to maintain public safety. To do that, we need your trust. We want you to feel safe in our communities and comfortable calling law enforcement to report crimes, serving as witnesses, and asking for help in emergencies. When you feel safe and comfortable reaching out to us, we can keep everyone safer.

We need and are committed to protecting everyone in our communities. We cooperate with federal law enforcement to respond to threats in our communities — when our safety is at stake. But immigration enforcement is, first and foremost, a federal responsibility. We want to focus our limited state and local resources on threats to public safety and security.

Your trust is paramount to state and local law enforcement’s ability to maintain public safety. Please continue to call on us. We are here to serve everyone who lives here and committed to keeping everyone safe.

Sheriff Margaret Mims, LEITF Co-Chair

Fresno County, Calif.

Chief Art Acevedo, LEITF Co-Chair

Houston, Texas

Chief Carmen Best, LEITF Co-Chair

Seattle, Wash.

Executive Director Chuck Wexler

Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

Chief Ramon Batista

Mesa, Ariz.

Chief Chris Magnus

Tucson, Ariz.

Chief Sylvia Moir

Tempe, Ariz.

Chief Mike Soelberg

Gilbert, Ariz.

Chief Steve Stahl

Maricopa, Ariz.

Chief Roberto Villasenor, Retired

Tucson, Ariz.

Chief James Lopez, Retired

Los Angeles County, Calif.

Chief Robert G. Luna

Long Beach, Calif.

Chief Michel R. Moore

Los Angeles, Calif.

Chief Robert N. Sharpnack

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Chief David Valentin

Santa Ana, Calif.

Sheriff Joe DiSalvo

Pitkin County, Colo.

Chief Dwight Henninger

Vail, Colo.

Sheriff Joe Pelle

Boulder County, Colo.

Chief Jorge Colina

Miami, Fla.

Sheriff John Mina

Orange County, Fla.

Chief Orlando Rolon

Orlando, Fla.

Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald

Story County

Chief Wayne Jerman

Cedar Rapids

Director of Public Safety Mark Prosser

Storm Lake

Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek

Johnson County

Sheriff Kevin Schneider

Polk County

Chief Mike Tupper


Chief William Bones

Boise, Idaho

Chief Craig Kingsbury

Twin Falls, Idaho

Sheriff John Idleburg

Lake County, Ill.

Chief Michael Diekhoff

Bloomington, Ind.

Chief Scott Ruszkowski

South Bend, Ind.

Chief Ron Teachman, Retired

South Bend, Ind.

Chief James Hawkins, Retired

Garden City, Kan.

Chief Brian Kyes

Chelsea, Mass.

Commissioner Michael S. Harrison

Baltimore, Md.

Sheriff Kevin Joyce

Cumberland County, Maine

Chief Ron Haddad

Dearborn, Mich.

Chief Todd Axtell

Saint Paul, Minn.

Chief Christopher C. Blue

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Sheriff Eli Rivera

Cheshire County, N.H.

Chief Richard Biehl

Dayton, Ohio

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare

Providence, R.I.

Chief Fred Fletcher, Retired

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Sheriff Marian Brown

Dallas County, Texas

Chief Frank Dixon

Denton, Texas

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

Harris County, Texas

Sheriff J.E. “Eddie” Guerra

Hidalgo County, Texas

Chief Andy Harvey

Palestine, Texas

Sheriff Sally Hernandez

Travis County, Texas

Chief Michael Kester

Harlingen, Texas

Chief Mike Brown

Salt Lake City, Utah

Chief Chris Burbank, Retired/FBI National Executive Institute Associates President

Salt Lake City, Utah

Chief Maggie A. DeBoard

Herndon, Va.

Chief Michael Koval

Madison, Wis.

Sheriff David J. Mahoney

Dane County, Wis.

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