Trump wants mental health screening to stop gun violence


Trump blames mental health issues for gun violence.  Sure, we need to screen for impulsive, unstable cyclers with a penchant for aggressive, accusatory language targetted at perceived threats to white supremicist nationalistic views — people prone to lash out in social media with manifestos and xenophobic aspersions.  We do need to monitor these people, and if they are known to use drugs or need to take medication, like when they aren’t taking their meds, you can see their self-control deteriorate-we should insist on court-supervised control to avoid the unthinkable.

Anybody in particular that comes to mind right about now?  For a hint, how about a guy that claims the rich and famous people, like himself, can get away with going right “for the ***” that just goes right on and kisses girls whether they give approval or even have a chance to?

A guy that probably has attention deficit disorder and just has to be the center of attention. If not, he starts chaos and commotion to get said attention, and then, after the “fire” of contention starts, he then takes on the roll of fireman to then take credit for solving the problem (of his own making?)

A guy that has made a political career out of wild accusations about immigrants invading our country — rapists, drug dealers (and worse) agitating crowds to become xenophobic to the point of seeking to eject citizens that dissent against (his) authority of whipping crowds into a frenzy of hate to the point of violence, then when violence occurs (yes, think El Paso and Dayton), he then can claim apparently with a straight face no less, that hatred has no place in America.

Yes folks, we need mental health scrutiny over our current president, Mr. Donald Trump.  Thankfully, it appears he is taking his meds (or smart pill), because for once in a blue moon his statements seem coherant and carefully chosen and scripted. And for once he has stuck to an almost Presidential speech without vasilating widely.  We can all rest assured right now that the adult in him is in control, for how long though remains to be seen, of course.


Storm Lake

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