Make Segebart stand by his vote


People in most other states have much better access to effective medicines made from cannabis than we do here in Iowa.

This spring, the Iowa Legislature overwhelmingly voted to fix that.  State Senator Mark Segebart of Vail represents many of the readers of this paper. He voted for House File 732, the reform of Iowa’s medical cannabis laws. 

Senator Segebart’s vote gave hope to Iowans suffering from cancer, Crohn’s disease, MS, Parkinson’s disease, severe and chronic pain, and other conditions. 

Thank him the next time you see him!

Unfortunately, Governor Reynolds vetoed those reforms.

Seventy percent of Iowa medical cannabis patients, people whose average age is 57, use it to manage untreatable or severe pain. Unless the veto is overridden, Iowans will be denied effective medicines that are legal in 32 other states.

Please contact Senator Segebart at (712)-269-4519 or at mark.segebart@legis.iowa. gov. Ask him to call for a special session so Iowa families get the help they need.

If Senator Segebart stands by his vote and stands up for the people he represents, thousands of Iowans—including people you know—will be helped.


State Senator, Iowa City

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