Genius vs. madman


The difference between genius and madness is quite slim and depends on the criteria used to judge it.  I explain:

We could judge by the ultimate “intent” or the “means” used, or the “outcomes.” History tends to use the “outcomes,” for instance, Hitler is now judged (and rightly so) as a homicidal genosidal madman — but even after the genocide had started, the German people still revered him — after all the wartime economy was booming and White non-Jewish people got lots of prime Jewish homes, jobs and business opportunities vacated by that holocaust, you know.

Now, with Trump’s bellicose bullying style, I was just about to compliment him — his wildly dangerous tariff plan and threats foisted towards our quite friendly neighbor to the South (Mexico) seems to have worked swell and swiftly to bring Mexico to take action, Jackson, to stop the huge influx of immigrants. Bullying seems to have worked for him (finally and for once). Heck he even chortled that Mexico has agreed to buy bunches of agricultural production and production equipment — his “style,” although quite amaturish and immature and bully-like got results, right?

Then it started to unravel. Negotiators on both sides have reported the aggie purchase promises never happened! So Trump seems to be intentionally misleading us about what the “deal” includes (lies, bad “intent”). Now, the New York Times reports that all the Mexican promises to staunch the flow of immigrants from further South and before the US border have been in the works for months. So maybe Trump is lying there again (bad intent again).

Now, to the “means” test — it looks like Trump is playing like a madman “fireman” that goes to “arson” so he can then don the fireman’s hat to save the day from the arsonist (himself) — or at least take credit for fires already being staunched (by others using earnest negotiations long underway).

In other words, he is all the more a madman for taking any credit for doing anything other than bullying and lying (bad process). Tt seemed like a dangerous gambit to risk a costly trade war in the first place, but I am just glad cooler heads were already prevailing here (whew) before our adolescent liar in chief even opened his irresponsible mouth in the first place.  Now I’m just glad he hasn’t already started a few irresponsible wars elsewhere (already).

Once again, bad “intent”, bad “process” and the “outcome” isn’t his to claim — madman by every analysis and criteria.


Storm Lake

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