HF 773 formerly HSB 165


So far the GOP response to this bill is it lowers property taxes due to the increased transparency. There have been attempts by the GOP to “clarify” this bill and it’s lack of harm to Iowans. They are saying special interests are lying about what the bill does. The Iowa State Police Association is one of those groups, ISU economists are another, hundreds of thousands of IPERS members are another, Iowa’s city and county financial officers are another, so they are all liars? Wow! So here is a response to clarify their clarification! 

The unpublished amendment potentially overrides IPERS chapter 97B.9(4), which authorizes cities to levy a tax sufficient to meet its obligations.

This statement further REFUTES the language we are getting from Republican legislators that there was no intent to harm IPERS/411 and that the bill would have no impact. HF 773 has a hidden amendment, as noted above, because it redirects pension payments into the general fund levy and removes them from the supplemental trust and agency levy where they go now. Where was the transparency in that? 

You have every city and county in Iowa against this bill. The Iowa State Police Association is against it, ISU economists wrote how it hurts cities, counties and Iowans. The financial officer of Storm Lake was quoted in the local paper of how it would hurt cities. 

Speaking of special interests, this bill which was written by ALEC and Americans for Prosperity which are Koch Brother supported so why are Kansas people calling the shots in Iowa?

Dozens of groups have come out against this bill.  It has no bi-partisan support.  Recently, only three groups are supporting it, two of which are Koch Brothers supported.  So say again why this is good for Iowans. 

One area GOP legislator wrote in a newsletter that if your assessment goes up 10% your property taxes also go up 10%. That is false and so is the opposite of that so who is putting out false information?  It seems the GOP legislators want everyone to believe that what they say, or are told by the Koch Brother organizations to say, is “the gospel” and everyone else is lying? 

Who would you trust for analysis of the bill; chief financial officers of cities and counties, ISU economists, Police Association, or legislators? Easy choice for me.

Then to top it off they are now saying they will add an amendment to protect 411/IPERS. If it wasn’t a backdoor way to eliminate 411/IPERS in the first place, then why do you need an amendment to the amendment?

Oddly, Texas has a nearly identical bill in the works right now. Last year it was another state. Iowans are being manipulated!

I remember all the pre-election talk about how the GOP would not try and mess with 411/IPERS. They said all the talk was “fake news” and absolutely false. Well this seems to show how much faith we can put into those comments. 


Storm Lake

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