HSB 165 a no-win bill


Iowans have always taken pride in our strong local governments. House Study Bill 165, under the guise of property tax relief, threatens that long held value. 

The fact is, our property tax rates compared to income have actually decreased since 1980, even as tax supported service demands increased. 

HSB 165 imposes a 2% tax levy revenue cap and other financial accounting restrictions, which mean that cities and counties won’t be able to fund emergency responses, economic development, infrastructure repair, and still provide police and fire protection, school funding, IPERS/411 payments, and daily administrative and maintenance needs.

HSB 165 could lead to increased license fees and fines, as local governments seek other ways to pay for services we all benefit from.

Voters elect our local government officials, and we entrust them to act in the best interests of our communities. HSB 165 is a no-win bill, which will severely hamper local control of the quality services, opportunities, and schools that make Iowa a great place to live and work. At a time when we are challenged to revitalize communities across Iowa, it’s clear that HSB 165 is a bill that’s not good for Iowa. Please call or write your legislators and ask them to vote NO on HSB 165.