The shootout at OK corral


Ok, this title is a very loose association. It could also go down as Custer’s last stand... or the attack on Pearl Harbor, all equally loose associations.

What I am really talking about here is the last days of the American republic, under seige really by Trump and his bunch of dirty tricksters. I explain:

For months or years we have heard him selectively berate and belittle “dissident” media types like CNN (refusing access to journalists there) and New York Times (calling them the “true” enemy of the people), even baiting his red hats to attack journalists. The Saudis apparently even killed one Washington Post journalist. Trump buddies up with Putin (he believes what Putin says over our best intelligence folks) and even believes what Kim (N. Korea) says about the student killed there.

Meanwhile, Trump’s bossum buddies at Fox News have unfettered access to the White House and vice-versa.  One report has it that Sean Hannity actually convinced our commander-in-chief NOT to accept a budget compromise-which extended the partial government shutdown of late.  Trump has done some 30 interviews there but none with CNN.

Now it is reported that Fox News refused to report on the Stormy Daniels “hush money” campaign finance crimes — BEFORE the 2016 election — all at the behest of the real “king maker” here, Rupert Murdock, owner in chief of-you guessed it — Fox News and Wall Street Journal. direct competitors of The New York Times. Get it yet?

Michael Cohen already pleaded to campaign finance violations for said “hush money” payola, implicating now Don, Jr. for personally inking at least two reimbursement checks (ie: smoking gun turf). They call this “conspiracy” crime stuff, you know. One check was the very day of that infamous “Trump Tower” Russian dirt on Hillary meeting, but I digress.

Cohen supposedly hatched the hush money scheme right after the Access Hollywood tape resurfaced. Now where was I?

Oh yeah, the DNC has barred Fox News from doing any debates for them, now Trump is retaliating against the other “dissident” media, which brings us closer to the shootout.

Meanwhile new reports indicate Murdock and his stooge Trump tried to sink the ATT-Time/Warner merger that the DOJ just lost on.

Trump is big on scare tactics to keep his conservative coalition rattled and in lockstep with him (so far).  Other populist ultranationalistic fascists have used similar scare tactics, along with border skirmishs and anger directed towards dissident news organizations to silence opposition, like Mussolini (Italy) and Hitler (Germany) and Trump ousts ANY operative that speaks out against his mercurial temper just like those other despots.

Now his “emergency” declaration just takes the cake here. Expect him to order “Marshal Law” next?  It is not that far-fetched.


Storm Lake