Connect East School to Gingerbread House


There have been several editorials published lately concerning what to do about the lack of space in the elementary school now that the bond issue was voted down.  I would suggest that the reason the bond issue was not approved was not just about the increase in taxes (although the increase in taxes would have been significant).  I suggest that it had more to do with the plan that the school was putting forward. 

The argument against this plan includes: the distance from any residences, the already monstrous traffic due to being located close to the current elementary school and the middle school, the fact that there is no electric, water, sewer or gas lines extended to this property as well as no street or parking infrastructure.  Had the bond issue prevailed, not one child or their parent would be able to walk to that school. 

Back in the 1990s, I was working for Jan Patton when she was on the school board. At that time, the property between East School and Gingerbread (which included an old house) was purchased in order to be able to add an addition to connect East and Gingerbread. The old house was demolished and nothing has ever become of the plan to join East with Gingerbread.

East School and Gingerbread are on a block in town with no other buildings on it. That location includes the entire infrastructure that is missing in the farm field.  It is conveniently located. It seems logical to utilize the facilities that already exist.

East was built as an elementary school. An addition to connect Gingerbread with East plus adding space designed for day care and preschool children along with adding space for lower elementary grades should be able to be done much more inexpensively at East and make much more sense.