Support Trump for being a liar


I am so pleased my Republican Party is still behind Donald Trump 100%. How could you possibly not support someone who is an extreme egomaniac, a pathological liar, a name caller, commits adultery, a crooked businessman, and a person who show no empathy for others and is incapable of saying I’m sorry. Give Trump a break. An egomaniac is incapable of empathy to others.

These attributes are exactly what my farm family parents taught me to aspire to. These are values I began to learn as far back as Sunday school. Any good Christian would be a hypocrite if they didn’t admire these attributes. I think Jesus would have considered Trump to be one of his disciples.

What about all the glowing compliments received from people within his own administration that work with him daily. The Secretary of State called him a “moron.” His Chief of Staff said Trump was an “idiot.” Mattis, the Secretary of Defense said Trump had the understanding of fifth and sixth graders. Even his good anti-Jew buddy, Steve Bannon claimed Trump acts like an 11-year-old. Come on Democrats and fake news, get on board. You could be as proud of the President as my Republicans.

If you still have doubts about our President, just listen to one of his eloquent speeches at one of many campaign rallies. You will realize that hatred is a virtue. How could Fake News not realize this? Fake News should quit spending 90% of their time trying to discredit these admirable Trump beliefs.

Good moral character is so important at this time as it has always been in my world. We have a President who is a role model for our children and grandchildren. We all should be doing everything we can to see that our young people grow up to be just like our President.

All the Trump critics should stop finding fault with our President and admire him as much as my Republicans do. After all, he gave us a major tax cut that 80% went to corporations and the wealthy. A President is supposed to take care of himself and his rich friends. Get off his back.

I hope my Republican allies continue to support this Trump bandwagon. He’s made us proud to be an American.


Storm Lake