Reynolds has already raised your taxes!


1. She is now taxing your internet purchases.

2. By lowering corporate property taxes to individual rates your individual property taxes increased. 

3. By lowering multi-residential property taxes, your individual property taxes increased.

4. By not renewing the one-cent sales tax so schools could build without bond issues, she raised your property taxes. 

5. By corporate giveaways counties are underfunded so they raise your property taxes.

6. By underfunding schools at record low levels she raised your property taxes. 

7. She is the only Governor to lower the minimum wage. 

8. She plans to eliminate IPERS for future employees but says she cares about Iowans? 

9. She is pouring money into Medicaid (another $344 million next year) and getting less services, but hey, those companies contributed to her campaign. 

10. Fifty percent of her tax cut went to the top two and a half percent or the very wealthy!  Eighteen dollars per year went to the low income group, but she says she cares about Iowans who are struggling! 

She is a small town girl who supports a Koch Brothers agenda and corporate welfare.  Makes you wonder who is really calling the shots. 


Storm Lake