Governor touts ‘humble roots’


In a front page article in Sunday’s Des Moines Register it noted that Fred Hubbell comes from wealth and Governor Reynolds touts humble roots. Isn’t it ironic then that Governor Reynolds seems controlled by corporations and the Koch Brothers philosophy and Fred Hubbell is concerned for the less fortunate and middle class. The Governor has taken us from a $900 million surplus to $140 million in debt, destroyed unions that allow the middle class a decent standard of living, cut education funding at all levels, is not transparent in her answers as she will not say what her plans are for IPERS other than she turned it over to a Koch Brothers Foundation, and she made a mess in the privatization of Medicaid. 

She gave the majority of the tax breaks to corporations, cut property taxes for corporations and multi-residential owners while increasing them for individuals. It sure looks like the Governor, even though her commercials tout her humble beginnings, has forgotten about the middle class long ago. Fred Hubbell has used his wealth to help the middle class and less fortunate. 


Storm Lake