NY Times article


Dear Mr. Art Cullen,

It gave me great pleasure to read your article today from The NY Times reprinted in the Tampa Times regarding Storm Lake and the immigrant residents. I was born in Storm Lake 9/46 and moved to Estherville in 1949. My grandparents owned the apartment building on the Southeast corner of Lake Avenue and First Street for over 30 years. My mother, who celebrated her 100th birthday two months ago, worked for a period of time for George Schaller Sr. at his bank before my birth. I heard only the best about him. I have wonderful memories of Storm Lake and many hours playing on the banks of the lake.

I congratulate you and the town for the success story of Storm Lake. Unfortunately Estherville never recovered from the closure of the John Morrell packing plant and seems to be in a slow decline as are many other small agricultural towns in the Midwest. So sad. I am always proud to tell people I was born and raised in Iowa. Iowans will always represent the best of the hard working, caring and giving people who made this country what it is.

I recently sent Rep. King an email stating he did not represent the Iowans I know and seemed more akin to those ignorant, racist rednecks that are too prevalent here in the South. Anyway, your article was special to me. Keep up the good work.


Belleair, Fla.