How to take action against factory farms


Factory farms are detrimental to public health. They contribute to hazardous water conditions where people and animals can get sick by drinking or even touching water. It makes a person think, why are so many confinements going up?

Part of the reason is because counties and local folks have no say in the construction of factory farms. Even if a community opposes them due to environmental, health, or other reasons, the DNR gets the final say – and they almost always get rubberstamped.

We need local control in every county so the people can decide what they want.

Thankfully, more people and their county supervisors are saying enough is enough! Twenty-two counties have passed resolutions or written letters requesting action from the legislature. They are nonbinding but send a clear message to the statehouse that people on the ground want more protections from factory farms. Has your county taken action?

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is listening to people who want change. No more factory farms until we have local control and fewer than 100 impaired bodies in Iowa. Contact Iowa CCI at (515)282-0484 or email if you want to pass a resolution in your own county.


Iowa CCI Member