Iowa better off with Schaller in Grassley’s seat


Art’s June 13 editorial making complimentary remarks about George Schaller the younger was something of a vindication for me. Shortly before leaving Storm Lake in the early 60s to take up a lifetime of work as a fundraiser, I urged George, my high school classmate, to pursue a political career. George scoffed and dismissed that suggestion summarily as he did other advice I gave him through the years.

Anyway I was glad to see Art’s positive opinion on George’s continuing interest in the political process. The Schaller family has been Storm Lake’s premier civic resource for many generations. It is good to be reminded occasionally.

As to Senator Grassley: If George was in that seat, we would all be better off.

According to observers I respect, earlier Schaller generations were equally laudable, including the women. The talented Harry had a formidable intellect which from limited experience I recall. The elder George, the grandfather, was Storm Lake’s most renown public official; to which recent immigrants might aspire.


Pittsboro, N.C.