Hopelessly deceptive White House staff

Where to begin? Ok, just yesterday Hope Hicks, the communications director communicating with Rob Porter, recall, testified before the House Intel Committee that she would “sometimes” tell “white lies” to cover for Trump. Now, just what are white lies, and how is this not really bad practice?

I can’t, of course, know what she means to say or do, but one could suppose she means, according to the legal definition of perjury, ie: “false statements, made under oath, known to be false, regarding matters that are relevant, material and probative.” To break this down further, apparently when she makes these “white lies” up, she believes she is NOT under oath, but by definition, she knows they are false, she must be doing it because it is relevant, and if she doesn’t believe it is material, why lie? Now, if you are still with me here, how can she still keep her job, if she admits her job is to lie? Are you people getting this yet? She can’t still be probative (believed, ever again).

Now, we already know Trump has already paid hush money to two sex accusers, and just where are the so-called “Evangelicals” on all this stuff? He is apparently in bed with the Russians, lies all the time, won’t come clean on anything, and keeps a communications director on record as to lying, whenever she thinks a white lie will do, and who are we to accept her opinion as to when lies are ok?

The thin, red line of honesty has just been stretched too far for me to accept that honest and just people should ever trust these people again.


Storm Lake