Use sales tax for building improvements

Recently we received notice of asking for more property tax by voting yes for a bond issue for Iowa Central Community College and Storm Lake Community School. I do not argue about projects they are proposing, but I do disagree about the method of funding.

Several years ago the K-12 school system got help on building by the 1 cent sales tax. I would propose that the legislative body pass an extension of this sales tax for building and repair of building only and not for other purposes. If there is a need for the community college level perhaps some sales tax would help there.

With a sales tax everyone pays for these projects. Funding such projects through property tax only burdens those who own property. All people benefit from education and all people should pay for them with a sales tax. I would urge you to contact legislators to pass an extension of the sales tax for building purposed only we can meet our building needs.


Retired educator

Storm Lake