Turbines upgraded through the night

Top: Workers get ready to repower a wind tower last Tuesday night

west of Schaller. The one on the left has already been done. Note

the slightly curved blades. Bottom left: The curvature of the blade

is visible from below. Bottom right: Old blades are cut in half.

They will be recycled. TIMES photos by Dolores Cullen


Work is about half finished on MidAmerican Energy’s wind farm, Intrepid, which runs south of Hanover east through Schaller and south of Nemaha.

The blades and nacelles (the housing into which the blades fit) of the wind towers are being replaced. The new blades, if you look closely, have a bit of a curve to them. They are also 20 feet longer. The improvements are expected to produce 19-28% more wind energy per machine.

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