Mar-a-Lago, Trump's Palm Beach castle, will get a wall

Republicans won't build a border wall with Mexico, but even though they deny "climate change," they own pricey real estate in Florida. So it matters not what is causing rising temps and rising oceans. Estimates point to a total loss of everything south of the Everglades, which would lose billions of acres of high value turf, including Trump's castle, right on the beach in Palm Beach.

It is inevitable that bigwigs like Trump will seek solutions to avoid forfeiting their lakefront mansions. The low countries in Europe do it. They construct huge dikes to gain land from the seas. So expect to see huge dikes sheltering huge tracts of land from rising ocean levels before any toes get wet there. Of course, the bigwigs all have boats, so we'll see locks popping up so they can still go out a-boating for fun.  Sure, there will be some wrinkles to iron out, like who pays the piper, which means the poorer nations and neighborhoods get left for dead, but even Republicans will vote for urban protection where the tax base will justify their stranglehold on wealth. So whether or not you believe we are causing such problems by our human activities, somebody had better get going to solve the problems caused by rising seas and perchance worsening storms. And heck, even climate change deniers might see profits from such endeavors and that's that.


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