Working on a solution for athletic viewing

Thank you for voicing your concerns about the statewide coverage of the Iowa Boys State Championship Events.  As you all know, there has been a tremendous amount of information in all media forms that has been distributed to the public.

We hope you will understand it was a very complicated situation with few options, none of which involved 100% state-wide access to the State Championships. The Comcast contract is for two more years and we want everyone to know we are working diligently, and are fiercely committed to finding a better solution in the future for Iowans to have viewing access to the Iowa Boys State Championship Events.  

Our organizations feel it is important to let everyone know we are working together to bring this to fruition.  We hear your concern, we value your concern, and we are doing everything possible to change the situation starting with the 2019-2020 school year. 

Thank you for being so passionate about our student-athletes, we share that passion with all of you.

Good Luck to all the teams during the tournaments!

IHSAA, (Iowa High School Athletic Association)

IHSSN, (Iowa High School Sports Network)